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Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Doug Crawford, L.Ac., an American-trained and -licensed practitioner of classical acupuncture and Chinese medicine located in Bangkok, Thailand.

I am dedicated to restoring your innate capacity to heal. By utilizing the ancient principles and modalities of Chinese medicine, tempered by modern, evidence-based research, to treat body, mind, and spirit, I strive to empower your natural capacity to recover from illness and infirmity, to thrive, and live in a state of optimal health.

While most Westerners turn to acupuncture for physical complaints, for those who are willing, it has much more to offer. It’s certainly capable of addressing issues such as low back pain, a sprained ankle, tennis elbow, or a cold. But it’s also able to work on progressively deeper levels of being, as in the case of chronic or degenerative issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, long-term digestive dysfunction, or chronic sleep problems. Deeper still, it can significantly impact the root causes of psycho-emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. And at its deepest, it even has the potential to help one come to terms with issues such as incapacitating self-doubt, childhood or adult trauma issues, or even the loss of life-direction.

If these ideas resonate for you, take a look around. Perhaps you can get a sense of whether we would be a good fit for each other. I’m happy to help any way I can.

What is Classical Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is just one of several healing modalities under the umbrella of Chinese medicine. Fundamental to its practice are the acupuncture meridians – theoretical channels, or pathways, that run the length of the body, and along which are located the individual acupuncture points. While a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner will typically make use of 12 to 14 acupuncture meridians, those following the tenets of classical Chinese medicine (CCM) utilize up to 68. This enables a CCM practitioner to not only tailor treatments much more precisely, but to treat levels of being well beyond the reach of even the most skilled TCM practitioner.

Conditions & Specialties

A complete, stand-alone medical system, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat all manner of medical issues. Fully-trained and -licensed, I consider myself a general practitioner and have experience treating a broad spectrum of disorders. Whatever your problem, there’s a good chance I can help. However, I have particular interest and expertise in the following areas:


Numerous mental-emotional issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD/C-PTSD, and compulsive disorders among others, all respond well to treatment with acupuncture.



Many aging-related problems are the result of the decline of metabolic function. Acupuncture can effectively slow aging by optimizing your body’s function.



Safe, effective treatment for all aspects of reproductive imbalance including infertility, conceiving and pregnancy support, gynecological disorders, and menopause.


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