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Food Is Medicine: Looking At Tomatoes From The Perspective Of Chinese Nutrition

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It wouldn’t be summer without tomatoes. Cultivated by the ancient Aztecs, tomatoes are indigenous to western South America. Spanish and Italian chefs quickly adopted tomatoes after Spanish explorers brought them to Europe in the 15th century. Northern Europeans were a little slower on the uptake. They thought tomatoes were poisonous – probably because they’re a […]

Chinese Nutrition Recipe Analysis: Warm Eggplant Salad with Walnuts

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Warm Eggplant Salad with Walnuts via Bon Appetit. A basic principle of treatment, whether with acupuncture, herbal medicine, or food therapy, is balancing of extremes. Strengthen what is deficient, reduce what is excess. We use food to balance the extremes of summer by eating more cooling, moistening, and fluid-generating foods. Turns out many summer foods […]

Chinese Nutrition Recipe Analysis: Snapper with Blistered Bean Salad and Chile Vinegar

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Snapper with Blistered Bean Salad and Chile Vinegar via Bon Appetit. Continuing our exploration of recipes for summer, I went searching for something that would constitute a main course. I wanted a recipe that had distinctively summer ingredients, but that also exemplified the principles of cooking for this most active of seasons. You see, according […]

Simple Summer Corn Soup

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Simple Summer Corn Soup via Minimalist Baker. Each season has food preparation and cooking styles that specifically benefit the season, and our bodies. In general, summer foods should be prepared simply, and use quick cooking techniques such as grilling or stir frying. Summer soups should be lighter and brighter than the heavier stews of winter. […]